What is propanediol?

Propanediol (PDO) is an usual active ingredient in cosmetics as well as individual treatment items such as creams, cleansers, as well as various other skin therapies. It’s a chemical comparable to propylene glycol, however believed to be much safer.

Nonetheless, there have not sufficed research studies yet to definitively identify security. Thinking about existing information, it’s most likely that topical PDO in cosmetics brings a reduced threat for significant issues.

PDO is presently accepted for usage in cosmetics, in limited quantities, in the USA, Canada, as well as Europe. Does that imply it’s completely secure? We’ll outline as well as assess the proof to aid you make the best choice for you as well as your household.

Where does it originate from?

PDO is a chemical material either originated from corn or oil. It can be clear or extremely somewhat yellow. It’s practically odor free. You’re most likely to discover PDO noted as a component in practically any type of classification of cosmetics as well as individual treatment items.

What is it made use of for in cosmetics?

PDO has numerous family as well as production usages. It’s discovered in a selection of items, from skin lotion to printer ink to car antifreeze. Due to the fact that it’s efficient– as well as reduced expense– as a cream,

Aesthetic business utilize it. It can aid your skin promptly take in various other components in your item of selection. It can additionally aid water down various other energetic components.

What cosmetics is it discovered in?

According to the Environmental Working Team (EWG), you’ll discover PDO usually in face creams, lotions, as well as face masks. You can additionally discover it in various other individual treatment items, consisting of:


  • antiperspirant
  • hair shade
  • eye liner
  • structure
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Exactly how does it show up on components listings?

Propanediol can be noted under a number of various names. One of the most usual ones consist of:

  • 1,3-propanediol
  • trimethylene glycol
  • methylpropanediol
  • propane-1,3- diol
  • 1,3-dihydroxypropane
  • 2-deoxyglycerol

Is it various than propylene glycol?

There are in fact 2 distinctive types of PDO: 1,3-propanediol as well as 1,2-propanediol, additionally referred to as propylene glycol (PG). In this post, we’re speaking about 1,3-propanediol, although these 2 chemicals are comparable.

PG has actually just recently gotten some unfavorable press as a skin treatment active ingredient. Customer defense teams have actually elevated issues that PG can aggravate eyes as well as skin, as well as is a recognized irritant to some.

PDO is believed to be much safer than PG. As well as although both chemicals have the precise very same molecular formula, their molecular frameworks are various. When made use of, that implies they act in different ways.

PG is related to several records of skin as well as eye inflammation as well as sensitization, while the information on PDO is much less damaging. Several business have actually started to utilize PDO in their solutions rather of PG.

Is propanediol secure? When taken in via the skin in little quantities from topical cosmetics,

PDO is typically assumed to be secure. PDO is classified as a skin toxic irritant, EWG notes that the wellness dangers in cosmetics are reduced.

As well as after a panel of professionals benefiting the Aesthetic Component Evaluation assessed existing information on propanediol, they discovered it to be secure when made use of in cosmetics.

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In a research study of topical propanediol on human skin, scientists just discovered proof of inflammation in an extremely reduced portion of individuals.

One more research study showed that high-dose propanediol in dental type can have a deadly impact on guinea pig. When rats breathed in a propanediol vapor, the examination topics revealed no fatalities or various other significant inflammation.

Does it trigger allergies?

PDO has actually created skin inflammation, however not sensitization, in some people as well as pets.

So, while some individuals may experience inflammation after usage, it does not appear to trigger a real response. In addition, PDO is much less bothersome than PG, which is recognized to in some cases trigger allergies.

Can it influence the nerves?

There is one recorded situation of PDO adding to the fatality of an individual. This situation included a female purposefully consuming alcohol big quantities of antifreeze that consisted of PDO.

There’s no proof that the percentages of propanediol taken in via the skin via cosmetics would certainly result in fatality.

Is it secure for expecting females?

No peer-reviewed research studies have actually looked at PDO’s impact on human maternity as of. When laboratory pets were provided high dosages of PDO, no birth flaws or discontinuations of maternity happened.

The lower line

According to existing information, utilizing cosmetics or individual treatment items which contain reduced quantities of propanediol does not posture much of a danger. A tiny populace of individuals might have inflamed skin after great deals of direct exposure, however it does not appear to be a danger for anything extra significant.

In addition, propanediol reveals assurance as a much healthier choice to propylene glycol as a skin treatment active ingredient.

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