What is it?

Chlorhexidine gluconate is a prescription germicidal mouth wash that lowers germs in your mouth.

A 2017 research recommends chlorhexidine is one of the most efficient antibacterial mouth wash to day. Dental professionals mainly recommend it to deal with the swelling, swelling, as well as hemorrhaging that includes gingivitis.

Chlorhexidine is readily available in the USA under the brand:

  • Paroex (PERIODONTAL)
  • Peridex (3M)
  • PerioGard (Colgate)

Chlorhexidine mouth wash adverse effects

There are 3 adverse effects of utilizing chlorhexidine to think about prior to utilizing it:

  • Discoloration. Chlorhexidine could trigger discoloration of tooth surface areas, remediations, as well as the tongue. Frequently, an extensive cleansing can get rid of any type of spots. If you have a great deal of former white dental fillings, your dental professional could not recommend chlorhexidine.
  • Change in preference. Come individuals experience a change in preference throughout therapy. In unusual circumstances, long-term preference modification is experienced after the therapy has actually run its training course.
  • Tartar development. You might have a rise in tartar development.


If your dental professional recommends chlorhexidine, testimonial exactly how to utilize it completely with them. Talk with your dental professional regarding the following:

  • Allergies. If you dislike chlorhexidine, do not utilize it. There’s an opportunity of major allergy.
  • Dose. Thoroughly follow your dental professional’s guidelines. The common dose is 0.5 liquid ounces pure), two times daily for 30 secs.
  • Consumption. After washing, spew it out. Do not ingest it.
  • Timing. Chlorhexidine must be made use of after cleaning. Do not comb your teeth, wash with water, or consume quickly after usage.
  • Periodontitis. Some individuals have periodontitis together with gingivitis. Chlorhexidine deals with gingivitis, not periodontitis. You’ll require different therapy for periodontitis. Chlorhexidine could also make gum tissue issues like periodontitis even worse.
  • Maternity. If you’re expecting or preparation on coming to be expecting, Inform your dental professional. It hasn’t been established whether chlorhexidine is secure for an unborn child.
  • Breastfeeding. If you’re nursing, Inform your dental professional. It hasn’t been established whether chlorhexidine is passed to the infant in breastmilk or if it can influence the infant.
  • Comply With up. Re-evaluate with your dental professional whether the therapy is operating at regular periods, waiting no more than 6 months to sign in.
  • Oral health. Using chlorhexidine isn’t a substitute for cleaning your teeth, utilizing floss, or routine check outs to your dental professional.
  • Youngsters. Chlorhexidine isn’t authorized for usage by youngsters under the age of 18.
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Key benefit

Chlorhexidine can eliminate the germs in your mouth that reason gum tissue illness. This makes it an efficient antibacterial mouth wash. Your dental professional can recommend it to deal with the swelling, swelling, as well as blood loss of gingivitis.

Key drawbacks

Chlorhexidine might trigger discoloration, modify your preference assumption, as well as trigger a rise in tartar.

Your dental professional will certainly assist you consider the drawbacks as well as benefits to assist you choose that’s right for you.

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