Toujeo as well as Lantus are long-acting insulin utilized to take care of diabetic issues. They are trademark name for the common insulin glargine.

Lantus has actually been just one of one of the most generally utilized long-acting insulins because it appeared in the year2000 Toujeo is fairly brand-new, as well as just went into the marketplace in 2015.

Keep reading to discover just how these 2 insulins contrast in regards to price, performance at reducing blood sugar, as well as negative effects.

as well as Lantus quick realities

Toujeo as well as Lantus are both long-acting insulins that are utilized to deal with individuals that have insulin-dependent diabetic issues. Unlike rapid-acting insulin that you take previously or after a dish or treat, long-acting insulin takes even more time to get in the blood stream. It functions to regulate your blood sugar degrees for 23 hrs or longer.

Both Toujeo as well as Lantus are made by Sanofi, however there are some distinct elements in between both. The most significant distinction is that Toujeo is extremely focused, making shot quantity a lot smaller sized than Lantus.

In regards to negative effects, one vital variable to think about is that Toujeo might use much less danger for hypoglycemia, or reduced blood sugar, than Lantus, due to the fact that it assists maintain blood glucose degrees extra regular.


While price as well as various other elements could play right into your choice, right here is a contrast photo of both insulins:


Accepted for.
individuals with kind 1 as well as kind 2 diabetic issues age 18 years as well as older.
individuals with kind 1 as well as kind 2 diabetic issues age 6 as well as older.

Readily available types.
non reusable pen.
non reusable pen as well as vial.

300 systems per milliliter.
100 systems per milliliter.

42 days at space temperature level after opening up.
28 days at space temperature level after opening up.

Adverse effects.
much less danger for hypoglycemia.
much less danger for top breathing infection.

as well as Lantus dosages

While Lantus has 100 systems per milliliter, Toujeo is 3 times extra focused, producing 300 systems per milliliter (U100 versus U300, specifically) of liquid. This does not suggest you must take a reduced dose of Toujeo than you would certainly take of Lantus.

Does might transform for various other factors, such as changes in weight or diet regimen, however Toujeo as well as Lantus does must coincide or really close. Researches reveal that individuals usually finish up requiring regarding 10 to 15 percent extra Toujeo than Lantus to keep the exact same fasting sugar analyses.

Your medical professional will certainly educate you what dose is appropriate for you. Due to the fact that it is submersed in a smaller sized quantity of service provider fluid, the Toujeo will just show up to be a minimal quantity within the pen. It resembles obtaining the exact same quantity of high levels of caffeine in a little shot of coffee or a huge cappucino.

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If you require a high dosage of insulin, you might require less shots with Toujeo than you would certainly require with Lantus, merely due to the fact that the Toujeo pen can hold extra.

as well as Lantus types

The energetic component in both Lantus as well as Toujeo is insulin glargine, the very first insulin that was created to persuade an extensive amount of time in the body. Both are supplied with non reusable insulin pens, which remove the requirement to determine does as well as load syringes. You merely call up the pen to your dosage, press the pen versus your body, as well as trigger shipment with a solitary click.

The Toujeo as well as Lantus pens are both called SoloStar as well as are created to make dose estimations easy. The producer states that shot pressure as well as period are both reduced with Toujeo than they are with Lantus.

Lantus is additionally offered in vials for usage with syringes. Toujeo is not. If unopened,

Both can be cooled. Lantus can additionally be saved at space temperature level. When opened up, Lantus can last 28 days at space temperature level, while Toujeo can make it 42 days.

as well as Lantus performance

Both Toujeo as well as Lantus efficiently reduced hemoglobin A1C numbers, which stand for an ordinary blood sugar degree in time. While those standards might coincide on either formula, Sanofi declares that Toujeo offers extra regular blood glucose degrees throughout the day, which might lead to less ups as well as downs in power, appetite, state of mind, as well as awareness degrees.

Lantus starts to function one to 3 hrs after shot. It takes 12 hrs for fifty percent of the dosage to be gotten rid of from the body, which is called its half-life. It gets to a consistent state after 2 to 4 days of usage. Constant state suggests the quantity of medicine entering into the body amounts to the quantity heading out.

Toujeo shows up to last somewhat much longer in the body, however it additionally goes into the body extra gradually. It takes 6 hrs to begin functioning as well as 5 days of usage to get to a consistent state. Its half-life is 19 hrs.

as well as Lantus negative effects

Research study reveals that Toujeo might use even more regular blood glucose degrees than Lantus, which might lower the possibility of reduced blood glucose. According to one research, those that make use of Toujeo are 60 percent much less most likely to have serious hypoglycemic events than individuals taking Lantus. On the other side, if you take Lantus, you may be much less most likely to obtain a top breathing infection than you would certainly as a Toujeo customer.

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Still, reduced blood glucose is one of the most likely negative effects of taking Toujeo, Lantus, or any kind of insulin formula. In severe instances, reduced blood glucose can be deadly.

Opposite impacts might consist of:

  • weight gain
  • swelling in hands, arms, legs, or feet

Shot website responses could contain:

  • loss of fat quantity or an indent in the skin
  • inflammation, swelling, itching, or shedding where you utilized the pen

These impacts will typically be light as well as should not last long. Talk with your medical professional or pharmacologist if they linger or are abnormally excruciating.

Toujeo as well as Lantus price

A search of numerous drug stores online reveals Lantus valued at $421 for 5 pens, which is somewhat greater than the comparable 3 pens of Toujeo at $389

It is essential to consult your insurer to learn just how much they will certainly be paying as well as just how much they need you to pay. After insurance policy protection, it’s feasible that Toujeo can cost you the exact same quantity or much less than Lantus.

Watch for cheaper, common types of insulin, called biosimilars. Lantus’s license ended in2015 There is a “follow-on” medication, which is produced like a biosimilar, on the marketplace currently called Basaglar.

Keep in mind to consult your insurance provider, as well, as they could firmly insist that you make use of a less costly variation of whatever insulin you pick to make use of. These are elements you can go over with your pharmacologist, that will certainly typically recognize the ins as well as outs of your prescription insurance policy protection.

The lower line

Toujeo as well as Lantus are 2 long-acting insulins that are really comparable in regards to price, performance, shipment, as well as negative effects. If you are presently taking Lantus, as well as you enjoy with the outcomes, there might be no factor to change. If you experience blood sugar changes or have regular hypoglycemic episodes,

Toujeo might use some benefits. If you are troubled by infusing the quantity of fluid that Lantus calls for, you could additionally think about changing. On the various other hand, if you favor syringes, you might make a decision to remain on Lantus.

Your medical professional can aid you browse choices regarding which insulin to take, however constantly consult your insurer to make certain it makes good sense cost-wise.

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