What is Neulasta?

Neulasta is a trademark name of pegfilgrastim, a medicine authorized by the UNITED STATE Fda (FDA) to decrease the opportunity of infection for people with neutropenia.

Neutropenia is a problem that is identified by a reduced neutrophil matter. Neutrophils are a typical sort of leukocyte made in the bone marrow to resist infections. One of the most typical root cause of neutropenia is cancer cells radiation treatment.

Major Neulasta negative effects

If your physician recommends Neulasta, review the possible severe negative effects so you understand what signs and symptoms to expect. If the dangers of recommending Nuelasta are worth the favorable impacts of the medicine, your physician will certainly figure out.

Major negative effects consist of:

Intense respiratory system distress disorder (ARDS)

ARDS is a severe lung trouble. If you experience lack of breath, difficulty breathing, or a quick price of breathing, call your physician promptly or most likely to a health center emergency clinic.


An allergy to Neulasta can be extremely severe. If you experience lack of breath, quick pulse, swelling in the throat or around the mouth or eyes, sweating hissing, lightheadedness, or itching, call your physician promptly or most likely to a health center emergency clinic.

Spleen tear

While taking Neulasta, your spleen might increase the size of and also can burst. You can pass away from a fractured spleen.

If you experience discomfort in your left top abdominal areas– your spleen lies in the top left area of your tummy location– or discomfort in your left shoulder suggestion location, call your physician promptly or most likely to a health center emergency clinic.


Sickle cell situation

If you have a sickle cell condition, you might run the risk of a severe sickle cell situation while taking Neulasta. , if you experience the signs and symptoms of sickle cell situation– such as trouble breathing or discomfort– call your physician promptly or go to a health center emergency situation area..

Get in touch with your physician promptly if you experience negative effects such as:

  • high temperature
  • cools
  • aching throat
  • coughing
  • white areas or sores in your mouth
  • difficulty breathing
  • rigidity in your upper body
  • hissing
  • fainting
  • lightheadedness
  • itching (breakout or hives)
  • swelling of your hands, reduced legs, feet, or ankle joints
  • swelling around the mouth or eyes
  • peing much less commonly
  • blood in your pee
  • blue lips
  • discomfort in your left top tummy
  • discomfort in your left shoulder suggestion

Typical Neulasta negative effects|Typical negative effects

Some negative effects of Neulasta might not require to be dealt with by your physician. As your body adapts to the medication, several of these negative effects might vanish as therapy advances. If side impacts proceed or are creating you troubles in your everyday life,

Talk with your physician.

Typical negative effects of Neulasta consist of:

  • migraine
  • thinning hair or loss of hair
  • heartburn
  • acid indigestion
  • adjustment in taste
  • burping
  • fractured lips
  • physical weak point
  • muscle mass pain
  • joint discomfort
  • bone discomfort
  • irregular bowel movements
  • looseness of the bowels
  • throwing up
  • difficulty resting
  • anorexia nervosa
  • weight reduction


If you have actually been identified with neutropenia and also your physician has actually suggested Neulasta, you ought to recognize several of the possible negative effects such as spleen tear and also ARDS.

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Your physician will certainly stabilize the dangers versus the favorable impacts of the medicine and also make you knowledgeable about signs and symptoms to expect so you can react properly, if needed, to any type of negative effects you could experience.

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