If you have a look in the commode dish as well as see blue poop, it’s very easy to obtain stressed. Blue is much from the normal feces shade, however it isn’t typically a reason for worry. A lot of the moment, blue feces is because of blue pigments or dyes that appear when your food is absorbed.

Poop obtains its shade from the malfunction of bile in your liver that transforms brownish as it experiences chemical adjustments in the body. Poop can quickly come out as various other shades, specifically when you consume a food that is blue or colored with blue food coloring. If you aren’t certain if your poop is black or blue, it might be best to see a medical professional as black feces can show an issue with blood loss.

Why is my poop blue?

A “normal” feces can vary in shade from brownish to tan to dark eco-friendly. There are some circumstances where your poop might show up blue. This is typically as a result of something you consumed that was either purple or blue in shade. Instances of foods that might create your feces to show up blue consist of:

  • blueberries
  • blue alcohol or grape soft drink
  • currants
  • foods made with blue food coloring, such as blue topping or blue velour cake
  • grapes
  • plums
  • replica blueberries, such as the ones that can be found in muffin blends
  • raisins

Somebody might additionally have blue feces by taking the medicine Prussian blue (Radiogardase). This is a medicine utilized to eliminate contaminated substances from an individual’s body. It’s most likely that your feces will certainly be blue in shade if you take this medication. Considering that this medicine is recommended for a couple of weeks to a month, feces might look blue for time.

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There’s additionally an extremely unusual root cause of blue-purple or blue feces called porphyria. This is an uncommon problem that impacts your capacity to damage down heme, a substance in the body that has iron. Along with blue or purple feces as well as pee, an individual with porphyria might have signs and symptoms such as:

  • queasiness
  • breathing issues
  • stress and anxiety
  • seizures

If your feces looks eco-friendly or blue,

Blue poop

Often it’s difficult to inform. Blue or eco-friendly feces is a whole lot a lot more usual than blue feces. Feces might show up turquoise or eco-friendly from:

  • bile that passes also rapidly with the digestive system
  • looseness of the bowels
  • formula in babies
  • consuming foods that are tinted eco-friendly, such as beverages, icings, as well as jelly
  • iron supplements
  • consuming leafy veggies as well as spinach

If eco-friendly feces proceeds past a couple of days as well as it’s not as a result of iron supplements or great deals of eco-friendlies in your diet plan, you might wish to see a medical professional. If you’re having various other gastrointestinal signs and symptoms such as queasiness or adjustments in your feces’s uniformity, this is specifically real.

Blue infant poop

Kid, specifically infants, might not have just the same gastrointestinal enzymes as grownups, which can transform the shade as well as uniformity of their feces. They additionally have various diet plans, such as bust milk or formula. Kids might additionally be daring eaters, often consuming playthings they have actually perplexed for foods.

Points kids might consume that can create blue poop consist of:

  • blueberries
  • pastels
  • food coloring
  • clay

If you’re worried regarding possible poisoning, you can call the American Organization of Poisonous Substance Control Centers at 800-222-1222 as well as ask regarding the possible difficulties of what your kid consumed.

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Exactly how to deal with blue poop

While blue poop is typically safe, you can typically reduce on seeing this lively shade by getting rid of foods with included chemical dyes or food coloring. A lot of these do not have any type of dietary or wellness advantage, so you will not typically need to make up with various other nutrients.

To advertise the motion of feces as well as eliminate seeing blue, you can:

  • consume alcohol lots of water.
  • integrate nutritional fiber.
  • workout

When to see a medical professional

If you aren’t certain what shade you see in your poop, you might require to contact a medical professional. This is specifically real if maybe black or have the uniformity of coffee premises, which can show you have old blood in your feces.

Feces that’s dark red or has blood-tinged touches can be an indicator of an emergency situation as a result of hemorrhaging in your gastrointestinal system as well as will certainly require to be reviewed by a medical professional. When or two times after you consumed something blue typically isn’t create for worry,

Blue feces that shows up. If your feces is blue for a number of days, talk with a medical professional. Maintaining a food journal of what you consume might assist your physician examine possible reasons.


Blue feces might be aesthetically disconcerting, however isn’t typically create for worry. If you have a little one that might be consuming playthings rather of playing with them, it’s finest to call your kid’s physician or Toxin Control to guarantee it will not influence their wellness.

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